You are divine ! ! ! 

Margaret M. Duffy, MSW - Lightworker & Author

Finding Your Way Home

My Purpose & Why I Would Love To Work With You!!! 

​You are a divine being right now! In this very moment you have everything you will ever need to be the fullest expression of yourself in this life. You currently have a beautiful balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine lighting up your Higher Self. The only obstacle here is that we have blocked the truth, we have built a wall around it, but our walls can be demantled right now!

We are in a time of incredible growth and change for all of us. For many, this time can be exciting and hopeful, but it can also be overwhelming, scary and fear producing. We often feel like we are moving two steps forward, just to get knocked back by something going on in our life? We have so much we would like to accomplish, yet it seems to be just out of our reach. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we can feel like we are spinning our wheels, when what we want most is a natural flow to life.


We have been so long identified with a story that says we have to work harder, sacrifice more and pay a bigger price to get to where we want to go. And we have been taught that we might just not be worthy of it or feel good enough once it is within our reach. I believe it is time to lay that story down. We need to be grounded more now than ever before in who we truly are and in what we want for ourselves, for our families and for the world.


The thing I know more than anything else is that we need each other to get through this time and more importantly we need each other to thrive and prosper. We are all here together for a reason. We are all here together to help each other along the way. We are here to see each other for who we truly are. No matter who you are and no matter what circumstances brought you here today, I KNOW YOU ARE DIVINE. 


There is no, I'll be divine when I __________, no hesitation based on past behaviors or current circumstances. In this moment, in all it holds, YOU ARE DIVINE. ​Most of us have forgotten this. We have gotten lost and we have believed the stories about our value and our worth. We have been living in a story that keeps us small and hidden and one that is making us believe that small and hidden is keeping us safe. I am here today to help you see your own divinity, to see yourself as the incredible, beautiful being that you are and to help you finally dump the stories that are not true.

My gift is that I can hear your story. I can hear your voice, your deepest, calmest, loveliest voice, no matter how deep it may be buried, no matter how tall the wall has been built. And I can help it rise. I can help you bring to the surface what you need in this moment to awaken to the greatest part of you waiting for her or his voice. It is all in you and it has ALWAYS been in you. Let's work together to awaken even more of your divinity!!

“The universe is holding its breath waiting for

each of us to step up and live a life profoundly

authentic to who we are at our core.”



One on One
Divinity Reading
Higher Self Group Activation Sessions
Online Divinity- 
Higher Self Classes

A Divinity Reading is a great way to gain insight into what is currently coming up for you, what blocks are present, and what resources are available for you to dissolve these blocks and move forward in life. Your Higher Self is always available to help you find the easiest and fastest way to let go of the old and to embrace your deepest connection to life. 

In these group sessions, we will work to develop your connection with your Higher Self, your Divinity and your physical body. When your Higher Self and Divinity are engaged and connected to your body, there is a natural flow and quantum healing that occurs. You will learn tools to develop a daily practice to enhance this activation.

In the online classes, the focus is on everyday tools and practices that help each of you disengage from your old stories and help develop a deeper connection to your divinity and your body. This connection engages your passion, your purpose and help to focus on living your best life. Connecting to your Divinity and your Higher Self gives your life a foundation of love and peace.

Margaret M. Duffy, MSW

Lightworker and Author


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