Meet Margaret


     Margaret Duffy, is a teacher, lightworker and author who desires to empower her clients to find and follow their own unique path. Margaret has spent the last twenty-eight years supporting her clients in developing their inner strengths and abilities so they can live the life they have always envisioned. She will work alongside you helping you find and connect to your Divinity, your Higher Self, the beauty already within you and support you in turning that on to reach any goal. 

      Margaret believes that we all already have the tools to accomplish all our goals, but often times we have not been adequately instructed on how to access these tools to accomplish everything we desire for our lives. We all can learn how to develop our strengths and gifts, to move forward toward our goals and to find a balanced life, filled with inner peace and harmony.

     So often in our lives there are hidden barriers and distorted beliefs that keep us stuck revolving around a particular issue no matter how much work we do and how much insight we gain. Working with Margaret you will gain the tools to get behind these distortions, to understand them at their core and to develop effective tools to correct these hidden beliefs and therefore heal them at their core.

        I am so honored to be sharing this space with you, together reflecting and connecting at our deepest soul level. I have always held the desire to awaken this part of me, to share my gifts freely and to inspire others to love and appreciate themselves in a way few of us start our lives true to.

        Often we have been misguided by people who meant their best, but were also misguided on their own paths. We have grown to believe so many falsehoods; that we are not good enough, that there is something wrong at the core of our being, that it just doesn’t work out for us, and that we are not worthy or capable of turning it around.

        I am here, right now, to tell you that this is so, so wrong. The universe and everything it holds is open to all of us. The universe is holding its breath waiting for each of us to step up and live a life profoundly authentic to who we are at our core. Our birthright is to be expansive and to cherish everything about ourselves. We all have this blueprint inside of us and our compass’ are always pointing to our true north.     

        This site is about my expression of the love that I have allowed myself to cultivate in my own life and it is also about my wanting to share this gift I have worked so long for and which I relish each and every day. For me to come from a place where I felt defeated, alone, afraid and without hope to a place of deep abiding love for myself still seems like a bit of a miracle to me. 

        I would love for all of you to join me on this journey. I would love you to see the possibility that sharing your gifts freely and effortlessly brings. I would love for each of you to open to this love for yourself and for each other in such abundance that it permeates every possible place in your life. I see us all embracing our joy for being alive. I see us embracing our Divinity and living in communion with our Higher Self.

        What if we fostered that love in ourselves, in our sons and daughters, with our family and friends, and then out into the world? It would act like a chain reaction dispelling the falsehoods that have gripped us for so long. And we would be free. We would finally see that nothing about us ever needed fixed, we just needed to quit looking through the distorted lens. We just needed to embrace the brilliance that was there,in us, all along.


Join With Me!!!

        Through doing a session with Margaret, over the Phone, on Zoom, or In-Person, Margaret will connect directly with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to hear and see to capture more of your true essence and move forward with what you would like to accomplish for your life. Margaret sees your Higher Self and the messages that want to come through like a living, breathing, human Tarot card.

       Through your initial Divinity Reading, you will discover actions steps you can take immediately and you can also ask specific questions that come up from opening more to your Higher Self. Margaret helps you engage into your Divinity and together you can outline your goals. You will also look at challenges that may be standing in your way. Working together you will come up with ways to love and honor yourself more and truthfully this changes EVERYTHING.

        Margaret also offers Higher Self Activation Sessions. These sessions are for four to eight people, and are two hours long. During these sessions you will connect with and build a relationship with your Higher Self. This relationship is the single most important relationship you will ever have. It is truly about honoring your talents and skills and dropping the old stories that no longer serve you so that you can live the lives you desire deep in your soul.

         In a group environment you often have the opportunity to see that what you are feeling and experiencing is fairly normal and universal. You also have a unique opportunity to see yourself reflected back in new and enlightening ways. We are all here to help each other along the path so experiencing this awakening with others is extremely powerful.

        Margaret also offers classes dedicated to changing the world through changing our inner landscape. These classes really support us in awakening and fostering our own Divinity, connecting with the universal support available to all of us and creating a life where our daily practices support our deepest knowing, our core values and support us in living in alignment with the truth of who we truly are.

       Margaret is also the author of the book, Any Path Will Lead You Home, which is a series of stories about taking each experience in our life, good and bad, and finding the silver lining to enriching our lives through our experiences. This book became possible because Margaret was able to utilize all her life tools to be the fullest expression of herself and to find and give voice to her deepest learning. She newest book, The Separation Experiment, is being released in 2019. 

        Margaret received her Bachelor in Science in Developmental Psychology from Eastern Washington University. She also received her Master of Social Work from Eastern Washington University. She has worked as a licensed therapist providing mental health counseling, with an emphasis on working with children and families. She has also done extensive training in alternative modalities and energy work .

        Among these include extensive training in Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations, under the leadership of Sneh Victoria Schnabel, a student of Bert Hellinger. She has spent several years in training at The School of Creation, under the leadership of Ania Brandysiewicz, studying and practicing the art of conscious living. She has also trained extensively in EFT, NLP, Feminine Power Mastery, and The Sophia Code Cosmology as well as having a proficiency in reading energy and performing tarot, as a Lightworker.