As a Divinity Energy Lightworker, Teacher and Author, it is my passion to help others connect with the deepest part of themselves. I believe that we are all Divine, but life often throws us curve balls that lead us to believe otherwise. We often feel unworthy, broken, unlovable, alone and unfixable. The problem is that we have been taught about who we are from people who are lost and often feel the same way about themselves. They have felt broken, so that is what they passed on.

     The truth is that we are, YOU ARE, Divine. That's right, we are all perfect just as we are. Within each of us, right in this moment, is everything we need to live our deepest, fullest, and most authentic life. And as I always say, there are not over seven billion people on this earth for us to have to do this alone. I am here to tell you, I see your Divinity and I can show it to you.

     My gift is being able to connect with personal messages, just for you, from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is always open and available, but we often have blocks in the way of that connection. My goal is always to help you connect and break down any barriers to your hearing for yourself how much you are loved.

     If you would like to connect with yourself on a much deeper level and to heal all the falsehoods that keep you from living the life you want to live, I would love to work with you! Together we will explore your goals and your vision for your life in areas such as relationship, work, finance, and health. As your lightworker, I will help you set clear expectations, and provide guidance, support and accountability.

     Divinity work and teaching can take place by Phone, over Zoom or In-Person. Each are equally effective. In our sessions you will connect deeply with your core being, your essence and together we will find the steps and tools you will use to accomplish everything you desire. Visioning, from your Higher Self, will help you to discover where your passion lies in the area you want to focus on. You will explore where your strengths, skills and talents are. Once your connection to your Higher Self is clearer, you will find that encouragement and love begins flowing from within, and ignites your passion.

Divinity Readings, Activation Sessions, Coaching and Classes are not reimbursable by insurance.