The Time For Change Is Now!!

The world is amidst amazing change. Unless you are hiding under a rock, there is no way of escaping it. Especially since our last election, we have been deluged with shift after shift, sometimes on an hourly basis and often it can be overwhelming and scary. Even if everything that is happening is wanted and needed, it can still feel out of our hands and like we have no control.

With that out of control feeling, it is often easy to get sidetracked by our circumstances and to get waylaid. If I start getting caught up in the stories and the meaning that the stories are trying to put on me, I try to step back, take a deep breath and begin to center myself in what I do know. And what I do know is that any true change I am going to make, begins with me.

Often, those stories out there pray on our fears and vulnerabilities and for me that never ends well. I start getting caught up in all the wrong things and I begin to feel powerless, overwhelmed and frightened. When I remind myself to breath and step back, to turn off someone else’s rendition of the truth, I also remind myself that I know the truth if I stop letting others distract me.

And the truth is that if I want true and lasting change in my life, then it is up to me and only me to bring about that change. If my life is not working, I am the only one who can fix that. When I have felt very lost and out of control, I have learned to pick small tasks to begin to change. Maybe I find ten minutes a day to quite my mind or fifteen minutes to go for a walk. Maybe I decide to read a book that expands my horizons or I take a class that challenges me to step forward.

The most important change I have made in my life is to love myself more and therefore to put myself as an intricate part of my own story. I have found that often, when I am struggling the most, I have stopped listening to my own heart and with that my world starts to crumble. When I am putting myself on the top of my own list, I realize that no one else controls my destiny, no one else has the power to define my life.

Yes, change is constant and all around us, but it is up to each of us to decide our part in it and then what we want out of it. We are powerful, divine beings, so let the changes you make define you as such! Let the changes you make continue to transform you into a kinder, more compassionate and loving being. First to yourself, always first to yourself, then the ripple becomes automatic.

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