The Death Of Patriarchy!!

Throughout history men have held the power and women have largely been excluded from it. If we look for a why, I believe everything either falls into fear or springs out of safety, security and hope. Fear creates a strong biological obligation to avoid the supposed source of the fear. Throughout history we have feared the feminine qualities that we ALL have. We have so often judged them as dangerous and at the very least, as inferior.

Because of this fear, our world is out of balance. We all have masculine and feminine qualities. When we ignore a part of ourselves, dysfunction ensues. For balance to occur, both qualities need to be present, both need to be part of the discussion, part of the plan and part of the solution. Right now, everything is out of whack because women are not equally in the game. The world is in turmoil because of this, but the time for change is ripe and the feminine is now fully ready to take her rightful place.

In the book and living transmission, The Sophia Code, Kaia Ra transmits this message: “You are here to immaculately birth the return and reconciliation of the Divine Feminine Christ with the Divine Masculine Christ energies for the heart of humanity.” This is a message for all of us. The time is now. The time to step forward and claim our rightful place at the table. A time to remember our divinity, and as sovereign beings, to step forward, believing in our own inherent worthiness, strength, confidence and competence.

No one is to blame for this past imbalance. We have all been asleep to who we truly are. We have all been asleep to what we truly bring to our own lives and the lives of others. We have forgotten that we are ALL divine, so we have succumbed to the fear and we have let it become the ruler. The beautiful thing is that we are waking up right now. And in waking up we can choose to see the truth and embrace it.

I often say we need a new dictionary and we need new words because the old ones exclude the power of our divine feminine qualities. The feminine nurtures us and receives everything we need to be at our optimal, to be sovereign beings. The feminine balances the protector. If we are all suppressing a part of who we are, then we are all living a half-life and we will never be able to care for ourselves and then each other.

We are entering a Golden Era. We are entering a time where we are ripe for change. And the rubber is hitting the road. It is time to wake up. It is time to love ourselves and care for ourselves. It is time to be whole. To cherish the divine in ourselves and the divine in others. It is one and the same. It is time for the masculine and feminine in all of us to rise and it is time to lay down the patriarchal ways of the past and let them die. Being who we truly are is now the way.

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