"Margaret did a Higher Self reading for me. What an incredible experience! I was given such a gift of connection to my Higher Self. The guidance, encouragement, and love that I received was beautiful."



February 2019

"The divinity reading I received from Margaret was so beautiful. It is so clear that Margaret lives from her heart and is in service to our journey of knowing ourselves and our divine essence. She is a clear and loving channel of your higher self and is able to see into your soul and then provide a message of love to your conscious awareness for a higher purpose of understanding. She is a conscious loving guide of light!."



January 2019

"Margaret has a beautiful spirit and heart. She is wise and giving with her wisdom. Margaret is an empathetic, kind woman who cares about her community and the well-being of others. Margaret has a beautiful ability to inspire good. Margaret has been a passionate advocate for children and families."


Owner, Helping Hands Nurturing Center

October 2016

"Margaret has been instrumental is helping me and therefore my family live a more balanced life. We also
spend more time together and have so much more fun."



August, 2016

"This book is beyond amazing. It is inspiring for all ages and all ethnicities. This book is a beautiful account of a uplifting woman's life. The way her heart guides her home is incredible. It is a must read! I have recommended it to numerous people! This book will make you laugh, cry, smile, and feel."

June 2016

Tina M., CA


"I went to the Higher Self Activation session with my friend. I had seen Margaret's website and liked her immediately. The session was better than I could have imagined. It really opened up a part of me that feels very authentic but hadn't got a lot of air time. I can't wait to explore deeper.

Regina H., WA


January 2019